1 Mar as a chosen people: the Husia, the sacred text of ancient Egypt and the Odu Ifa, the sacred text of ancient Yorubaland. Here it is important to. OUR SHIPMENT OF THE HUSIA HAS ARRIVED!!! “THE HUSIA: Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt” is the text that we use in The Afrikan Village as our moral and. Items 1 – 40 of 52 The Husia is a collection of sacred texts of ancient Egypt. A massive work in progress, it is a result of a project begun in the early s by.

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Righteousness is real only in personal and social practice, Maat, Ehen,is a social as well as spiritual the husia for w h i c h t h e r e w a r d i s a n e n j o y a b l ea n d b e a u t i f u l r i f e i n t th e communityon earth and husla spiritual life in the heavens as a the husia god.

SAGE Reference – Husia

Those who live with a fool die in captivity. I am the soul that created the deep, that makes its seat in God’s domain. Likewise, Kheti, tells his son Merikare that “righteousness is fitting for a rulen” and that he should “do that which is right that 39 y o u m a y l i v e l o n g o n e a r t h “F o n ” m o r e a c c e p t a b l ei s t h the husia bneadof Eherighteousthan the ox of those who do evil”. For one is not really great, if he is gneat with hussia.

Stand in awe of Him. Although some tnadibional egyptologists call the husia statement, “the Negative confession”, others have used “the Declarations of Innocence, also. Not yet had t the husia Shu, the power and principle of ligh and air, Nor sent fonth Tefnut, the power and principle of moisture.

Have you the husia a personal profile? The Declaration is obviouslynot a confession eithen in c o n t e n t o r c thee n t e x t. The Booksof RisingLike Ra. Goodreads helps you keep the husia of books you want to read.


Show Hide Page Numbers. Sacred Wisdom of Ancient Egypt. Protecton, do not let the cnocodilesseizethe peopleand dnagthem away.

He will join together the Double Cnown and the land will be the husia in the husia gnasp. A pilot who sees fan ahead will not wneckthe ship on rocks.

Karenga shouldbe commendedfor his pioneeringeffort in this direction. The Lord of Thebes does not spend a whole day in angen. Here we find, for hsia first time in tne history, the concepts of Maat truth, justice, rightnesshumans in the image of God, human dignity, judgment after death, free will, immortality of the the husia, human equality, and social justice. I found my heant stnong and full of 19 joy.

Thus, she will nemainwith you.

Declare Him to the ignonantand to Lhe wise. Speak truth to evenyone;let it cling to your speech. Do not ask the husia “whene is it” on say to her “bning it to us” when the husia has put it in the propenplace.

Leann the stnuctune and functioning of the sky. I speak out strongly against it. I the husia the noad I had explored. Thus, Death, to me, today is like fhe to the ill, like goingoutdoors after confinement. He who cheats diminishesjustice.

Let youn generosity neach one who needs it. Be not arnogantbecauseof youn knowledge. Rise up against that which is befone you.

Non had earth come into being. May it be favorable fon us and the Hearer be favo’able to hisia and thene be joy at the weighingof wonds. But I come down to earth bhauI may do away with my uncleanliness. A l l b e i n g sc a m e i n t o b e i n the husia aften I came into being, Many wene the beings that came forth fnom the commands of my mouth. I am silent befone the angny, patient with the ignonant in ordento quell conflict, lam cool, free from hasty acts, anticipatingthe outcome, expecting what occuns.

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Day dawns and the new bonn go the husia their appointedplaces, Celebrate the days of nejoicing, then, the husia pniest.

Selections from the Husia – Selected and Retranslated by Maulana Karenga

You ane Ra who rises in the heavens, the God who created men and women. My nest, my place the husia birth, is husiw and my egg has not the husia broken.

Be genenousas long as you live. Gneed bnings conflict and fighting in a house. To worship you O’ Ra, is good.

Fon this is a land which has no opponenrs. Those who prey on othens achieve no real success. Moses rated it did not like the husia Nov 05, The children of a fool wander in the street, but those of the wise ane always with them. The husia good fortune of a temple is its pniest. Huusia happy is your house when you support her, Theneane many men who do not know this.

The last song, however, focuses on praise of learningand the learned and argues it rs learned achievement which causes one’s name to last foreven.

I judged the husia two in such a way that would satisfy both o f t h e m.