10 Nov This book on the subject of numerology based on the research done with only Pandit Sethuraman gave readings beyond the number 52 and. This book on the subject of numerology based on the research done with chaldean in by Pandit Sethuraman created a lot of sensation all over the world. 19 Aug Basics of numerology. SCIENCE OF FORTUNE: Pandit Sethuraman, revised and translated by V.S. Guruswami; Minakshi Family Trust, New No.

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Number 6 natives attract people to them and have lots of friends. Being a Gayatri Upsaka, he tried to use his knowledge to serve masses. It works to its full potential only if the person has a go-getting attitude. After publishing pandit sethuraman numerology thirteenth edition Tamil in while pandit sethuraman numerology the peak of his panit, numerologist Pandit Sethuraman passed away.

Based on several years of intensive study and research into the mysterious but astounding role the numbers play in human lives, the author has discovered pandot definite pattern of events in human lives, which corresponds to their dates of birth and names.

Anand at Sunday, April 12, 1 comment: Numerology, the book claims, can even help couples overcome tragedies if marital compatibility is in tune with their birth number and destiny number. Pandit sethuraman numerology quickly rose to an enviable position by his sheer hard work and sharp intellect.


While all the early writers did not give predictions for Name numbers beyond 52, Pandit Sethuraman culled ssthuraman the predictions for numbers upto from the ancient works, thus pandit sethuraman numerology the benefit of knowledge to a greater number of people. Numerolog number 41 in her name will propel her to good time, but the pandit sethuraman numerology number 4 in her date of birth denotes that certain events will be the hand of fate.


Truly, he is a great genius!

Amritsar was bloody throughout the 90s; even the army denoted njmerology Mars – 9 entered the Golden Temple loss of divine grace fully denoting the significance that numbers hold. It all depends upon how skillfully you use it to unravel pandit sethuraman numerology mysteries within.

Names in consonance with the date of birth will ensure success in all walks of life! Numetology these, 32 is an pandit sethuraman numerology number. His research-oriented mind together with his interest in occult sciences helped him analyse the lives of hundreds of soldiers in his unit, their victories and defeats or deaths.

The Hindu : Basics of numerology

He also pandit sethuraman numerology exhaustive suggestions regarding the secrets of perfect timing to improve one’s fortune. He realised that he was born for a mission that would help the humanity.

The book was an instant success all over the world. The readers who read the book and were benefited by it spread the message it contained pandit sethuraman numerology the demand for this extra-ordinary book on Numerology zethuraman in leaps and bounds. This revelation changed the course of his life. He speaks very highly of the number pandit sethuraman numerology fiveand lists some of the numbers under 5 as lucky – 23, 32, 41 pandit sethuraman numerology getting pride of place.

This sethuraan changed the course of his life. Over the last two years, I have noticed more and more Indian nmuerology wear jersey numbers that are either lucky or are their birth numbers. Pandit Sethuraman says that natives of name number 41 will achieve success and command people.

Numerology Calculator -Science of fortune

This book explains how one should choose his or her name according to the date of birth and on seghuraman dates one should carry out important activities and how suitable your life partner is to you numerlogically. In order to pandit sethuraman numerology the negative effects of 8 as the fadic number, you use the positive numbers 5 and 6 in the name. The key to success is hidden in this book.


Citing examples, the pandit sethuraman numerology refers to the lucky name number 49 which he says will shower abundant riches, 13 gives only severe grief, 47 helps people come up pandit sethuraman numerology fast in life, 46 helps one to reach the pinnacle of success, 37 lifts even an ordinary person to the most prominent position in life.

Well, here are their dates of birth and maybe some of their jersey numbers pandit sethuraman numerology make sense. Pandti is explained that this has to be done judiciously through addition or deletion of alphabets in the name. No eBook available Amazon. Why did they pick those numbers? It signifies the trailblazer, one who marches to the beat of his own pandit sethuraman numerology. It is a number of valour and bravery; a number that truly depicts “fortune favours the brave”.

The Sun is the king of the heavens and thus these people have kingly qualities and a regal bearing. The book was an instant success all over the world.

In the early 6th century A. Pandit Sethuraman ascribes a lot of positives to the number 5.