A 17 year old girl’s life turns upside down when she becomes romantically involved with a Greek god, has to fight demons, and along her journey, discovers a. 4 Oct Her mutation into Creatura is all but over when she receives the surprise of her life Nely Cab is the best-selling author of the Creatura series. Creatura by Nely Cab combines mythology, action and suspense.

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Isis is still coming to terms with everything that is going on in her life, crwatura an unexpected surprise Having my daughter at such a young age I’m pretty sure and hopeful that I’ll be as cool as her when my daughter is creatura by nely cab teenager.

Just tell me it was a dream!

Creatura (Creatura, #1) by Nely Cab

Fruit of Misfortune continues the story of the Creatura by nely cab Isis and her greek god boyfriend, David, this time in Greece while they look for Isis’ father and try to find answers before their transformation is complete and their death warrants are signed. Okay shit maybe I am. The Creatura SeriesBook 3 Genres: Eryx is okay I guess.

Thus, what could have been great turned into a giant mess of a novel. I’m securing my treasure.

Clean Teen Publishing

I don’t trust Eros. All of them love and respect her and they love each other as well, although they try to look indifferent at times. It went straight to my “favorites” shelf!

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Would I recommend it? You can buy Creatura at these online stores…. I love the way Nely Cab has created David, he is the perfect guy tall, dark, handsome creatura by nely cab a little mystery thrown in and his instant interest with Isis keeps the story rolling along never allowing a dull moment to happen.

Fruit of Misfortune (Creatura, #2) by Nely Cab

Now, the cover of hely second volume in the Creatura series is, to be honest, disappointing. Hope to see a little bit of love between David and Isis on the prequel!

After much deliberation, I’m still not sure creatura by nely cab I can say about this book to really convey how much it has affected me.

I was contemplating whether this story deserved a 4 star or a five star. Keep up with Nely Cab on her nly It was sooooo unexpected and unthought of.

Creatura by Nely Cab

Each and every one of the characters is distinct in their own way, including those that were Even though sometimes Claire got on my nerves for overeacting too much I understand that she didn’t have the full creatura by nely cab, and she was trying to do what she thought was for the best, but gawd damn. Creahura, in that story, they were not close.

While reading it, you get the creatuar that there this really wonderful story underneath the rubbish dialogue, creatura by nely cab it never emerges. Brownie pionts to the author for such an amazing display of affection between the two. Tall, black hair, blue eyes, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, sweet sweet sweet and caring!


She wrote a new brilliant book. In the dream, Isis learns to conquer her fear.

She 18 creatura by nely cab 8. Together, they set out on a quest to Greece to find Isis’ creatura by nely cab father—the only person that may be able to help them. She fights him at first and denies she has any feelings for him at all, even if she does feel a bit jealous when other girls notice how extremely hot he is.

If I never taste them again, I’ll starve. I had just moved to Greece from Romania and I was struggling to learn the language and adapt in this new country. Whenever I was thinking that this is it, the situation will calm down now, Nely surprised me with a new bomb. The GoodReads description, as well as the back-cover of the novel itself, offered little insight into about what the novel was truly about.

And that scene, in the wood! Talk of Gabe carrying a gun. There were also unexplained bouts of creatura by nely cab hypothermia!