1 Jan Part Number: NH. Low Capacitance Computer Cable for EIA RS Applications. Product Description. 3-Pair, 24 AWG stranded (7×32). BELDEN | | Low Capacitance Computer Cables for EIA RS applications. 24 AWG, 7 stranded TC conductors, polyethylene insulation, twisted . Belden Wire & Cable Multi-Paired Cables 24AWG 3PR SHIELD ft SPOOL CHROME datasheet, inventory, & pricing.

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The management team of 1X Technologies LLC has over 50 years of combined experience in the wire and belden 9843 industry. Additionally, let us know when you need it delivered.

By submitting this form, I agree belden 9843 Belden is permitted to use the personal information provided herein to contact me regarding the requested quote. Enhanced VMI and Custom Stocking Programs — We will continue to solve your supply problems using inventory management systems and customized stocking programs that fit your specific belden 9843.

Cabling Solutions for Industrial Applications.

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Email a link to these specifications:. If you continue browsing our website or close this banner, you accept belden 9843 cookies.

By continuing you consent to this. As of this publication, Belden ranges in price.

Include cart contents in this request? Log In Bflden Account. Item Color Footnote If you need a custom reel size just let us know. Here are just a few of the belden 9843 we will take care of you when you order with us, beginning with belden 9843 first phone call or e-Mail: Applicable Belden 9843 and Other Programs.

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Our Alternative to Belden comes in a variety of standard reel sizes. We Imagine, innovate, and design. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor Nom.

We manufacture a large variety of Belden Equivalent Cable types, including equal to the Belden We can do that too. Additional information regarding Belden’s privacy practices and handling of personal data can be found at belden 9843. Max Recommended Pulling Tension: Additionally, belden 9843 can manufacture custom reel sizes for you belfen just a matter of a few days. Comments including desired length for sample.

Please complete your selection:.

We will be back to you belden 9843 soon as we can! To change your cookie settings or find out more, click here.

From beldenn manufacturing plants and distribution centers, we supply cables manufactured for extra high-performance and better safety under various types of environments, including extreme environments. By submitting this form, I agree that Belden is permitted to use the personal information provided belden 9843 to contact me regarding the belden 9843 sample. Giving you our Best. Sorry, there has been a problem and your message was not sent. Whether you buy a product we manufacture or one which belden 9843 distribute from another manufacturer, you can trust that it has been tested to meet the standards you require.

Packaging, Bottling, and Processing. I am interested in knowing more about Belden’s Products I have an active new project I have an active retrofit project I would like to speak to a Belden Representative.

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This information is belden 9843 used for advertiseing on other sites.

Belden Equivalent LSOH m

984 Our products are tested to outperform at all times. Additionally, We supply Belden equivalents produced under strict quality standards for extrusion, cabling, twisting, shielding and jacketing.

Cookies are used for this belden 9843 to give you the best experience. Kitts and Nevis Belden 9843. You can decline by not continuing. Nominal Characteristic Impedance Ohm. Capacitance Conductor to Other Conductor to Shield Insertion Loss 1 MHz 0.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Belden Equal – Belden Equivalent

We help you with the hard to find items that are essential to getting the job done right. Total Number of Pairs: Additionally, belden 9843 look to always amaze.

We want you to be confident. Details Documents Product Overview.

9843 – RS-485, (3 pr) 24 AWG (7×32) TC, PE/PVC, Foil+TC Braid Shld, CM, 120Ω

Our Equivalent to Belden Wire and Cable belden 9843 referenced across the country because of our top quality, and attention to customer service. Furthermore, we provide the products and services you need belden 9843 efficient Master Distribution and Specialized Manufacturing. What role best helden you? For your buy American projects, we will provide a letter stating our Buy American Approval.

Request Quote Request Sample.